Digital Photography Desk Reference Hey! I'm a brand name! Many of you have told me that you like my books enough to search out other books I've written, and enough of you have done so that at the beginning of this year I had no less than 11 titles in the Top 100 of Amazon's Digital Photography best-seller list.  Thanks!  I am also happy to announce two new series of books with my name above the title (for what it's worth.)  They include David Busch's Pro Secrets and David Busch's Quick Snap Guides.  There are already two Pro Secrets books, and two Quick Snap guides on the shelves.  A third, David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR Lenses is in the works, and David Busch's Photo Gear Pro Secrets will be published early in 2008.

Before I was seduced by the dark side of technology, I was a professional photographer and photojournalist.  I've put what I learned into a bunch of new books, including six that deal with digital SLR cameras exclusively. I've got new Digital Field Guides for the Nikon D40 and D40x, Nikon D80, Nikon D70s, Nikon D200, and Nikon D50, plus another Digital Field Guide especially for travel photographers.  I also have four guides for Canon cameras, including the new EOS 40D, and Digital Rebel XTi, and the first in-depth book that treats the new Nikon D300 camera like the professional tool that it really is.. These books are all in full color. If you don't know what to do after you open the box, which out my Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography, and its companion book, Quick Snap Guide to Digital Photography.  Also available is a new full-color Third Edition of Digital Photography All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies.  My earlier crop of books have been refreshed for their next printings, and include Digital SLR Cameras and Photography for Dummies, Digital SLR Pro Secrets, and a mammoth upgrade to my best-seller Mastering Digital Photography, Second Edition. And don't forget about my eBay Mythbuster, which tells you why everything you know about eBay is wrong...mostly. 

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Latest news:

My two latest books: Learn how to choose and use lenses, and master all the features of the incredible new Nikon D300 digital SLR!
My new Quick Snap Guide to lenses shows you how to get the most from your zoom lenses, autofocus features, image stabilization, close-up capabilities, and much more! Available in January, 2008.
Nikon D300 owners will want to grab the first book on the shelves dedicated to revealing the secrets of this pro-quality camera at an affordable price. Look for it in February, 2008.

A best-selling camera is worthy of a best-selling user guide! The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/400D has become one of the top selling digital cameras in the world. Don't let the manual packaged with the camera befuddle you. This full-color guidebook provides detailed instructions on using each of the camera's controls, setting up its preferences and settings, and chosing the best lenses for the job.  You'll learn all about exposure, composition, and other topics as they relate to the XTi.  Canon's breakthrough upscale dSLR is here! 10 megapixels, 6.5 frame-per-second bursts, a 3-inch LCD with  "Live View" previews of your shots, and an integrated sensor cleaning system are just some of the features that have me excited about this new camera.  I'm giving it a thorough workout and putting what I learn into this guide to digital SLR photography from the Canon perspective. You'll learn about new lenses, like the 18-55mm "kit" lens with image stabilization, too.
Infrared isn't just for landscapes anymore! This second book in my Pro Secrets series shows you how to shoot stunning infrared photos with virtually any camera, including point-and-shoot, EVF, and digital SLRs.  And, in typical Pro Secrets style, there is plenty of hands-on projects that will help you build your own IR filter or convert an existing camera to full-time infrared use.  The step-by-step conversion instructions are worth the price of the book alone!  Learn how to shoot architecture, landscapes, portraits, and even (gasp!) sports in infrared in this groundbreaking book.  Incredible super-compact digital SLR! Nikon has really outdone itself with the incredible new 6 megapixel Nikon D40 and 10.2 megapixel D40x. The smallest and best-yet entry-level dSLRs for beginners, these new little gems can serve as a backup for your D80 or D200, too. This book shows you how to get the most from these cameras, with lots of tips for shooting sports, architecture, and infrared photos.
All the inside information about the Nikon D80! This is my seventh book of tips for using specific model dSLRs, and my latest guidebook on a Nikon model (at least until my Nikon D40 book is published!) The D80 is a significant upgrade from the D70s, with the same resolution as the D200, and lots of new features, including a n electronic flash with built-in modeling light.  You need to get up to speed on this compact, comprehensive guide to the first entry-level camera that will satisfy advanced photographers, too.  Pop Photo's 2006 Camera of the Year! Sony has packed an amazing number of features into the Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 for the price. This successor to the Konica Minolta 5D has built-in image stabilization that works with virtually every lens, a super compact size, and cool features like autofocus that begins working as soon as you bring the viewfinder to your eye. You'll find everything you must know about using this Sony dSLR, including tips for taking sports, landscape,architecture, and other types of photos.
All you need to know about your Canon EOS 30D! If you have purchased a Canon EOS 30D camera and find yourself bewildered with the manual's cryptic explanations of how each feature should be used and when particular settings should be applied, this is the guide you need! Not yet ready for a comprehensive book on digital SLR photography? This book serves as a guide to the purpose and function of your 30D's basic controls, how to use them, and why.You'll get a quick introduction to focus zones, Bokeh, flash synchronization options, how to choose zoom settings and exposure modes.  Now, get the inside info on the Digital Rebel XT. This is my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT introduction. It includes concise explanations of file formats, resolution, aperture/priority exposure, and special autofocus modes--summarized in well-organized chapters with plenty of illustrations showing what results will look like various settings. Unlike the manual, this book cuts through the confusion and menu listings to provide exactly the information that is needed. It serves as a perfect product-specific book to using your Rebel XT.
OPEN THIS FIRST!  The manual that came with your digital SLR is incomprehensible.  You're not ready to begin learning from one of my other dSLR books.  You need start-up help, and you need it fast.  Arranged in two- and four-page spreads with full-color photos illustrating every component and descriptions of every feature, this book summarizes  what you need to know to begin taking great photos with your digital SLR. OPEN THIS TOO!  Maybe you're not using a digital SLR, but want to learn how to use your non-interchangeable-lens digital camera quickly. This is the book you need.  It's a quick introduction to all the confusing concepts that new digital camera owners must deal with, from autofocus and exposure, to formatting memory cards.  Written especially for point-and-shoot, intermediate, and electronic viewfinder (EVF) models.
See where I've been going the last year! I love travel almost as much as I love photography, and my most recent trip to Spain (where I spent seven days photographing the magnificent sights of Toledo) was the inspiration for this comprehensive book on travel photography.  Lots of tips on what to take (and what to leave home), using Internet Cafes, and the usual detailed explanations of how to capture images in the most challenging travel photography environments. I love my Nikon D200! This book, the fourth in my series of Digital Field Guides, provides the introduction you need to Nikon's pro-level digital SLR.  If you've read my Nikon D70s and D50 Digital Field Guides, you'll be pleased to know that this one is more in-depth and written at a higher level suitable for photographers serious enough to move up to this great camera.
The first DUMMIES book to cover the advanced features of Digital SLR cameras!.  This is part of the new Dummies line printed in full color, too!  Every photography book should have color on every page.  I really got to cut loose and present some of my favorite techniques in this book, all with that easy to understand Dummies approach.  If you've upgraded from a film SLR or are trying to master a dSLR with only point-and-shoot digital experience under your belt, you'll find all the basics and lots of more advanced tips inside this book. MY MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL SLR GUIDEBOOK!
When you've finished my Digital SLR Cameras and Photography book and are ready to move into more advanced techniques, you'll want to check out this one or Mastering Digital SLR Photography.  Both are filled with upscale techniques that help you get the most from your digital SLR, but my Pro Secrets book goes a step further with dozens of special pro-only tricks and projects you can make.  You'll save tons of money making your own sensor cleaning tools, creating a Harris Shutter, and discovering how to craft your own infrared filter. 
You asked for it, you got it!
Owners of Nikon D50 cameras have been buying my Digital Field Guide to gain access to all those cool photo setup prescriptions. Now you can have a version of this best-selling book written specifically for the Nikon D50.  Learn about lenses and flash, and composition, plus how to set up the special features of your camera.
Apparently, lots of people love the D70 and D70s, too! My field guide is not intended as a replacement for the manuals supplied with the Nikon D70 cameras.  Instead, it's your portable companion that helps you shoot better pictures with this best-selling camera.  Chapters on topics like how to get the most from your lenses and flash are accompanied by dozens of prescriptions for taking great pictures in the most common shooting situations.
Finally! A book that deals with the special capabilities and needs of the digital single lens reflex.  Now in an updated SECOND EDITION. What's bokeh? How do I use image stabilization? Can I shoot infrared photos with my dSLR? Why do I need a circular polarizer? 10 Reasons Why a 6 MP dSLR is better than an 8 MP point-and-shoot.  No image-editing filler here: this book is all about photography with a digital single lens reflex. If you've read my Dummies books on digital photography, you'll want to take the next step and read this upgraded Second Edition advanced guide. It's packed with tips and techniques that emphasize photography over electronic gadgetry.  You'll learn how to overcome shutter lag, master depth of field, compose award-winning scenics, and much more.  Includes lighting diagrams for professional-quality portraits.
First ever non-technical book on scanning slides, negatives, and film. With film-capable scanners dipping below the $300 mark, you need this book if you're interested in converting your film images to digital form.  It shows you how to get the best scans, and what you can do with them once your pictures have been digitized.  This is my ninth scanner book, and the most comprehensive. Get great results with digital photography and video--and have more fun doing it! Want to copy your old videotapes to DVD? View photos on your TV? Scan and fix your old snapshots? Edit your own movies? Print brilliant digital prints? Use digital imaging in your business or career? This guide tells the non-technical consumer everything they need to know.
Another entry in my Photographers' Guide Series!  This one shows users of the latest release of Photoshop Elements how to enhance, retouch, and transform their digital camera or scanned images to produce some amazing results. If you thought Photoshop Elements couldn't do everthing, you'll be surprised at just what you can accomplish. Everything you know about eBay is wrong! I prove it by debunking the most pervasive myths about online auctions, including the fallacy that Sunday night is the best time to close an auction; the highest bid always wins; sniping is not a sure way to win an auction, why you need more than one eBay account, and much more.


Photoshop CS 2.0 for Photographers
Learn the latest features of Photoshop CS 2.0 from a photographer's viewpoint. Use depth-of-field tricks, mimic expensive lenses, "cross process" your digital film -- all within Photoshop!
The best book on retouching:
Digital Retouching and Compositing. Second in my Photographers' Guide series from Muska & Lipman.  If you want to create amazing new images, this book will show you how to flabergast your friends and colleagues.
Digital Photography for Dummies All in One! from the "dummies" at Hungry Minds/John Wiley. I'm really excited about my newest best-seller! This is one of the few digital photography books that actually covers photography! Consumer Guide to Digital Photography: Digital Photography Solutions.  This full color book answers the question, "What can you do with your digital pictures?"
Digital Photography and Imaging!
Learn composition, close-up photography, how to shoot studio portraits, action pictures, and more.  This one explores photography, from the perspective of digital cameras.
Hey! I wrote another photography book! Photoshop 7: Photographers' Guide
Photographers understand composition, perpective, depth-of-field, trick lenses, and other stuff computer nerds have to scramble to learn. This book shows you photo buffs how to leverage your photography skills with Photoshop 7.
Everything about Photoshop in one $19.95 book!
I edited the thick volume and  contributed about 200 pages to this compendium of tutorials taken from a variety of Sybex books.
Hey! I wrote another Dummies book!
Digital Photography for Dummies Quick Reference
My second book on digital photography is aimed at beginners who want some photo tips sprinkled in with their nuts and bolts.
Hewlett-Packard Official Scanner Handbook
    This international best-seller makes light work for you!
  • The Scanner Handbook 
  • Choosing and using (any brand) scanner 
  • Improving your scans 
  • Great projects to put your scanner to work 
GNOME for Dummies Virtual screens! Commands that make sense! GNOME!
  • GNOME for Dummies for Linux
  • Funny, factual 
  • What's GNU with GNOME 
Mastering StarOffice Linux and Windows users alike love StarOffice!
  • Mastering StarOffice 5.2 for Linux 
  • Covers both Linux and Windows versions 
  • Learn tricks for using this FREE office suite. 
Guerilla Guide to Great Graphics with the GIMP GIMP: On your Linux, Windows, and OS/2 desktop
  • Guerrilla Guide to Great Graphics with GIMP 
  • Covers the new, improved version  
  • Everything you need to know to use the GIMP 
  • Stunning 16-page full-color insert  

Amazing Bidirectional S-Video to RCA Composite Converter Adapter


Dave is best known in the computer industry as the former CEO of Kitchen Table International, the world's leading supplier of fictitious hardware, software, firmware, and limpware. He graduated minima sine laude from the University of California at Phoenix in 1970 with a degree in Slide Rule Design, and quickly built KTI into a multi-thousand-dollar empire, chiefly on a foundation of selling maintenance upgrades for DROSSDOS-8E, an early microcomputer operating system that was a subset of CP/M.
In 1981, Dave patented the first 32-bit microprocessor, created by piggy-backing two 16-bit chips on top of each other. Personal computers using the innovative chip were originally marketed as symmetric multiprocessor products, until it was discovered that, at best, only one of the two chips actually functioned at any given time, and, at worst, they spent a lot of time fighting over whose turn it was.
The KTI research and development staff gradually phased Dave out of active participation by relocating to a new, high-tech facility and not telling him where it was. Today, he is involved only in the testing phase of KTI products. If his staff wants to see if a product is truly idiot-proof, they call on him.

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