For those who score in the top 2% of any nationally-recognized stress test.

Tensa International is an organization created to serve those who badly need to get a life, but find that it's too much trouble. With a membership currently 50,000 strong (plus another 80,000 wan or weak) Tensa has chapters all over the world, and elsewhere.  Although Tensa's mission is ostensibly to provide enhanced dining experiences, the group also fosters research and other wimpy do-good balderdash through its non-profit foundation, TURF (Tensa Untranslatable Acronym Foundation.)
Do you qualify for Tensa? Anyone who has scored higher than 150/90 on any recognized sphygmomanometer may be eligible. You may also submit prior evidence of qualification, such as a history of taking vasodialators, diuretics, or beta blockers.  Not sure?  Take our simple test, then have your blood pressure measured, and see for yourself.
Which of the figures above does not belong?
If you choose "D", "4", "the one in the lower right" or "the triangle you moron!" and are particularly upset about it, you may qualify.  If you selected any of the other figures, you need to click the hard-to-read link that follows this sentence.  [HERE.]
To try several more Tensa Pre-Qualification Questions, click the triangle in the figure above.

Multiple Tension Factors?

One of the chief causes of hypertension is excessive intelligence. There are 7 different forms of intelligence.  Click at left to find out what kind you have, if any:  

Tensa Logo Requirements

Note: Tensa International has strict rules governing the use of its logo.  To see examples of proper usage, click the button at left.
Note: Tensa International has absolutely no connection or affiliation with any other organization that might rhyme, including Immensa, Densa, or Pretensa.  Everything on these pages are works of fiction, unless you don't understand the concept of parody, in which case it's the gospel truth.
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